Breeding biology of the Common Snipe in Kaliningrad region. - J.N. Yarovikova. - Berkut. 12 (1-2). 2003. - P. 93-99.
Breeding biology of Common Snipe was studied in detail by author in 1999-2003. Fieldwork was performed in different districts of the Kaliningrad region. The results of surveys performed in 1982–1998 and the nearly century’s literature materials were used in the article. The nesting season of Common Snipe begins at the mid-April in the Kaliningrad region. Peak for start of full egg laying take a place in the 3rd decade of April. The nesting period stretching for the 2,5–3 months. Breeding phenology significantly differs for the two types of habitats: 1 – lagoon’s coasts, flooded meadows; 2 – low and forest bogs. The nesting period in the 2nd type of habitats is more prolonged. The average clutch size of Common Snipe in the Kaliningrad region is 3,97 ± 0,03; CV = 4,4 %. The average egg size: 39,4 x 28,1 mm. The average egg weight: 16,0 g. Common Snipe incubation lasts 20–21 days. The frequency of chick’s hatching takes the maximum at the end of the 1st decade of May. The 2nd peak of hatching registered at the beginning of the 2nd half of May. As a rule, chicks leave the nest during the twenty-four hours period after hatching. Females have three different forms of behavior during the hatching period. Breeding success has a maximum near by the city. [Russian].
Key words: Kaliningrad region, Common Snipe, Gallinago gallinago, ecology, egg, habitat, clutch size.
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