Breeding ornithofauna of graveyards and parks of Tiraspol. - A.A. Tischenkov, O.S. Alexeeva. - Berkut. 12 (1-2). 2003. - P. 21-31.
Research was carried out in May 2002. During this period 24 species of breeding birds were registered in graveyards and 22 species in parks. Total density makes up about 890,4 pairs/km2 (graveyards) and 934,8 pairs/km2 (parks). Thrash Nightingale and Red-backed Shrike are the dominants in the graveyards. Tree Sparrow, Chaffinch and House Sparrow are the dominants in the parks. In the Tiraspol’s graveyards and parks majority of birds belong to the European types of the fauna, to the nemoral landscape-genetic faunistic complex, to the dendrophilous ecological group, to the entomophagous trophic group. [Russian].
Key words: ornithofauna, Tiraspol, graveyards, parks.
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