Peculiarities of feeding of the Buzzard in the Bukovina. - I.V. Skilsky, O.M. Klitin. - Berkut. 11 (2). 2002. - P. 266-268.
Results of analysis of stomachs of 16 birds collected in Chernivtsi region (West Ukraine) during the second half of XXth cent. are described. Remnants of 55 components of animal food were found. They belongs to at least 15 species of invertebrates and vertebrates. Small rodents (36,4 %), Coleoptera (25,5 %) and Orthoptera (23,6 %) prevail. The diet is more manifold durind spring and summer. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Buzzard, Buteo buteo, Chernivtsi region, ecology, feeding, diet.
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