Characteristics of migration of waterfowls in Saratov region in terms of analysis of ringing data and visual observations. - E.V. Zavyalov, V.G. Tabachishin, G.V. Shlyakhtin, N.N. Yakushev. - Berkut. 11 (2). 2002. - P. 215-250.
According to the data analysis of field observations held within the north of the Lower Volga Region from March 1992 to April 2002, as well as materials of the Research-Information Center of Birds Cross-Feeding of the Severtsov Institute of Problems of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) 221 recoveries of 17 species were fixed, and the distinctions of migration of waterfowls of Saratov region were studied. As a result of the work we have found the main winter locations of the waterfowls, and received the data on natal and nesting dispersion of the most classes. Three basic migration ways were marked out for the investigated birds, that connect the region with the Northern Mediterranean, Southern and Western Caspian Region and countries of the Persian Gulf. The main locations of moulting of Saratov waterfowl populations have been discovered, which were dated for the area of the Northern Caspian Region (the Astrakhan Nature Reserve) and the Northern Kazakhstan. [Russian].
Key words: waterfowl, Saratov region, migration, ringing, recovery.
Address: E.V. Zavyalov, Saratov university, Astrakhanskaya str. 83, 410026 Saratov, Russia.