Breeding biology of the Meadow Bunting in the south of Primorye region. - T.V. Gamova. - Berkut. 11 (2). 2002. - P. 188-200.
Some data on the dispersal, phenology, biology and behaviour of the Meadow bunting are presented. The studies have carried out in Khasanskiy and Mikhailovskiy districts of Primorye region in 1997 and 1999. Reproductive period lasts from second ten-day of April to second ten-day of July. An average population density is 60 pairs/km2. Males have maximum individual territories (square to 6000–9000 m2) in the open places in conditions of the low population densities. Meadow bunting’s males take part in incubation of nestling but not clutches. There are 2 broods per year. Taking part of parents in nestling feeding is equal. The larva and adult of Lepidoptera are main part of the nestling food. A middle date of nestling independence becoming is 32 day. [Russian].
Key words: Meadow Bunting, Emberiza cioides, Primorye, ecology, breeding, nest, egg, nestling, behaviour.
Address: T.V. Gamova, Bio-soil Institute, prosp. Stoletiya 159, 690089 Vladivostok-22, Russia.