Sexes share during incubation in urban Peregrines breeding in Warsaw, Poland. - L. Rejt. - Berkut. 11 (2). 2002. - P. 168-172.
During three years (2000–2002) incubating Peregrines was monitored by video cameras placed in nest boxes. In 2000 and 2002 the infrared lamps made possible day-and-night observations. Additional observations were collected in 2001 only during daylight. Female incubated during about 70 % of the day, while male only about 25%. The hen’s share in incubation was about 93 % at the beginning of laying, then decreased to 77 % after laying the third egg and were stable to the end of incubation. The hen incubated during all nights. Male relieved female at the nest mainly in the morning, with a peak around 300–600 and afternoon between 1200 and 1500; female relieved male before the afternoon (at the 700–900) and in the evening (1500–1700). [English].
Key words: Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus, Warsaw, incubation, sexes share.
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