Short-toed Eagle in Northern Belarus: present and future. - V.V. Ivanovsky. - Berkut. 11 (2). 2002. - P. 158-164.
42 cases of breeding in Vitebsk region in 1989–2002 were analysed. 35 nestlings were ringed. During this period the breeding population of the species in Northern Belarus was stable with some tendency to number increasing. It is connected with economic recession. Breeding success made up 87,8 %, successful pair had on average 0,87 + 0,33 fledged youngs. Cases of unsuccessful breeding (5) are explained by predation of the Raven and the White-tailed Eagle and human disturbance. Further state of North-Byelorussian population of the Short-toed Eagle will depend on two main factors: number dynamics of basic prey species (grass snake, adder) and conservation of high bogs. Sphagnous pine forests on their edges are the main breeding habittats. [Russian].
Key words: Short-toed Eagle, Circaetus gallicus, Vitebsk region, breeding, nest, egg, feeding.
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