To the breeding biology of Griffon Vulture in the Crimea. - A.A. Matus. - Berkut. 11 (1). 2002. - P. 121-123.
The nest studied at the Demerdji-yayla was found 2.07.1998. During the breeding season a pair of the Griffon Vulture successfully fledged one young. No studies have been carried out for the period of 1999–2001. In 2002, the pair changed its nesting site 120 m away. On May 5, a 20-day young was found at the nest. A pair of Peregrine Falcons nested in 100 m from vultures. They constantly attacked of flying vultures. On May 8, the nestling died emaciated due to pursuiting the adult vultures by falcons. Nest parameters, sm: D = 120 x 160, H = 15, d = 60 x 90, h = 14. [Russian].
Key words: the Crimea, Griffon Vulture, Gyps fulvus, Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus, breeding.
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