Differentiation of bird species in short-distance and long-distance migrants with taking into account the weather and climatic factor. - H.V. Fesenko. - Berkut. 11 (1). 2002. - P. 105-111.
Bird species that breed in the moderate weather and climatic belt of Europe and winter in the Northern Africa, Minor Asia and Arabic East are all the year round within area of influence of air masses forming in moderate latitudes. Course of changes of weather conditions is often very similar in winter throughout Europe, in the Southern Mediterranean and Middle East. Hence, bird species spending winter in the mentioned areas have a possibility to synchronise data of their spring arrival in the breeding ground with terms of seasonal weather changes within the territory. Thus, species of the European avifauna that winter north of polar climatic front, Europe, the Southern Mediterranean and Middle East, should be considered as short-distance migrants and those wintering south of it can be attributed to long-distance migrants. [Russian].
Key words: migration, climate, weather, short-distance migrant, long-distance migrant.
Address: H.V. Fesenko, Inst. of Zoology, B. Khmelnitsky str. 15, Kyiv, 01601 Ukraine.