Distribution and ecology of the Rook in the South Dniester Region. - A.A. Tischenkov, A.A. Aptekov, L.P. Tuchakova. - Berkut. 11 (1). 2002. - P. 79-83.
In the South Dniester Region (Slobodzeiskii administrative area of Dniester Moldavian Republic, Moldova) 18 colonies and 1 separate nest of the Rook were observed in 2001. Total numbers makes up 6278 pairs, breeding density – 6,7 pairs/km2. Number of breeding population of the Rook in environs of Tiraspol has grown more than in 16 times in comparison with 1991. Colonies were situated in settlements (44,4 %), in the agrolandscape (38,9 %), in the nearest environs of settlements – in the lowland forest and artificial forests (16,7 %). The majority of nests was built in Robinia pseudoacacia (59,8 %) and Populus alba (33,3 %). [Russian].
Key words: Rook, Corvus frugilegus, the Dniester, distribution, number, ecology.
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