Number of breeding populations of Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagles in Northern Byelorussia. - V.V. Ivanovsky, I.V. Bashkirov. - Berkut. 11 (1). 2002. - P. 34-47.
Data were collected in Vitebsk region (40 100 km2) in 2000–2001. Methods of counts of birds of prey are discussed. Spotted eagles were counted on study plots from points with round outlook (37 plots with 162 count points, total area 2548,5 km2). Population of Lesser Spotted Eagle is estimated in 1340–1380 breeding pairs, Greater Spotted Eagle – 30–40 breeding pairs. These two species have different habitats. Greater Spotted Eagle were found only on large marshes in flood plains of rivers and lakes. Lesser Spotted Eagle prefers small open areas (hayfields, fields, glades, meliorated mires), edged by deciduous or mixed paludal forests. It can nest near settlements. Greater Spotted Eagle breeds as a rule in thinly populated areas, difficult for access. Population density of Lesser Spotted Eagle fluctuated since 0,12 to 1,25 pairs/10 km2, Greater Spotted Eagle – 0,09 to 0,38. [Russian].
Key words: Greater Spotted Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Aquila clanga, Aquila pomarina, Northern Byelorussia, count, number, habitat.
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