Steppe Eagle in Saratov Zavolzhye. - V.G. Tabachishin, E.V. Zavyalov, I.A. Khrustov, N.N. Yakushev. - Berkut. 11 (1). 2002. - P. 31-33.
During the field research carried out from the first half of March till the middle of November in 1996–2001 it was ascertained that nowadays the natural habitat of the eagle in Saratov Zavolzhye covers southeastern and central parts of the Left Bank of Saratov region. The border of its distribution passes from Krasnokutsky district on the west through Fedorovsky, Yershovsky, Krasnopartizansky, Pugachevsky and Perelubsky districts to the east up to the borders of the region. At present the Steppe Eagle nesting was not recorded in Saratov Right Bank Area, though in the past (till the middle of the XXth century) the reproduction of these birds was regular in this place. Breeding population of the Steppe Eagle in Saratov Zavolzhye remains law, but stable and averages in 65–85 pairs. [Russian].
Key words: Saratov region, Steppe Eagle, Aquila rapax, ecology, number, breeding, feeding.
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