Reflections on Ornithologists whom I used to know (Part 6). Professor Alexandr Bogdanovich Kistyakovsky (1904–1983). - E. Nowak. - Berkut 10 (2). 2001. - P. 234-242.
The content of this paper represents the continuation of the autor‘s biographic publications in which in particular the influence of socio-political circumstances on scientific work and the personal fates of various scientists is investigated (Parts 1 to 5 appeared in scientific journals listed in the footnote). The present contribution describes the fateful life of the excellent Ukrainian zoologist and ornithologist A.B. Kistyakowsky from Kiev. [German, Russian].
Key words: History of ornithology, biographies, politics and science.
Address: E. Nowak, Langenbergsweg 77; 53179 Bonn, Germany.