Rook in the town of Olexandriya. - A.O. Shevtsov. - Berkut. 10 (2). 2001. - P. 226-230.
Data were collected in a big town of Kirovograd region (Central Ukraine) in 1995–2000. Seasonal number dynamics, location of colonies, overnight places and wintering are described. 67,5 % of nests were built in different species of poplars, 30,8 % – in asps, 1,6 % – in metal supports of electric power lines. Height of nest placing fluctuated from 10 to 27 m, 83,6 % of nests were built at the height of 15–20 m. Total number of breeding pairs fluctuated from 56 to 165 (Table 1). In Olexandriya winter as a rule 30–35 thousands rooks (from 15 to 65 thousands). The maximum number is observed in the second half of January. Wastes in the town and in neighbouring farms are the main food of rooks in winter. Eating of rowan was observed. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Rook, Corvus frugilegus, Kirovograd region, ecology, number, daily activity, wintering, feeding.
Address: A.O Shevtsov, Heroyiv Stalingradu str. 19/26, 28008 Olexandriya, Kirovograd region, Ukraine.