Present winter ornithofauna of the east part of Cherkasy region. - M.N. Gavrilyuk, V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 10 (2). 2001. - P. 184-195.
According to own and literature data the list of 103 wintering species observed during last 20 years was compiled (Table). In comparison with 1930–1940s (Orllov, 1948) 39 new species appeared, 3 species dis-appeared. Most new wintering species are hydrophilous birds. Their wintering became possible because of the appea-rance of non-freezing man-caused water bodies. Climate changes promote wintering many migratory species. Eagle Owl and Barn Owl have stopped breeding in the study area, Golden Eagle is not occurred in the winter now. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, Cherkasy region, wintering, rare species, number.
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