About synanthropization degree of the ornithofauna: approaches, methods, results (on example of Chernivtsi city). - I.V. Skilsky. - Berkut. 10 (2). 2001. - P. 140-152.
There are many classifications on a degree of adaptation of birds to the life in towns. However, in connection with presence of the transition forms, all these divisions are rather conditional. Only on the basis of realization of appropriate calculations such conditionality can be reduced to the minimum. The estimation of synanthropization degree of the ornithofauna is considered on an example of Chernivtsi city. Materials of bird counts in 1990–1997 in 6 main habitats were used. For the convenience these habitats were united into 3 groups: urbanized (old multi-storied, new multi-storied, individual building blocks), changed (parks) and natural (deciduous (beech-hornbeam) forest and water bodies with their shore zones). The synanthropization degrees of birds in Chernivtsi in seasonal aspects are presented in Tables 1–3. The index of synanthropization can vary in appreciable limits during the year. On this basis separate species were divided into 8 groups. The synanthropization degree of ornithofauna of the city was determined, it varies definitely in space and time (Table 4). In all the habitats this index decreases from the breeding period to the autumn and increases to the winter, reflecting the seasonal mobility of birds during the year. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, synanthropization, Ukraine.
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