Present situation and some tendencies of the number dynamics of rare bird species in the South-East Crimea. - M.M. Beskaravayniy. - Berkut. 10 (2). 2001. - P. 125-139.
The results of own 20-year’s observations (1981–2000) and available literary and archival materials about rare species of birds of mountain and plain parts of South-East Crimea are generalized. 46 species recorded in the Red Book of Ukraine are registered. The data on their distribution, number, character and terms of residence in the region are resulted. 13 species are breeding, 22 ones registered on winter and 23 - on migration. For 8 species (mainly Falconiformes) the reduction of breeding number or disappearance in region was observed. The growth of number Falco peregrinus occurs. The appearance of artificial ponds has resulted in increase of number 4 breeding and 14 wintering and migrant hydrophilous species. Specified qualitative structure of rare birds of described in South-East Crimea of IBA-territories. The description 7 landscape-territorial objects, important for conservation of rare birds is given.
Key words: the Crimea, fauna, rare bird species, habitats, number, terms, nesting, wintering, migration.
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