About territorial and hunting behaviour of the Hobby and the Black Kite in the Southern Altai. - N.N. Berezovikov. - Berkut. 10 (1). 2001. P. 105-110.
Data were collected in East Kazakhstan in 1978-1986. Features of behaviour and patterns of hunting of these two species are described. Hobby preys on insects and birds as a rule in air, but it can catch chicks of waterfowl from water. Patterns of hunting on swallows are described. Hobbies can follow cars, hunters or other raptors and prey flushed small birds. Late evening hunts were observed. These falcons sometimes attack birds up to the Wood Pigeon or female of the Black Grouse. Black Kite is a typical polyphag, patterns of search and prey of food are very various. In study area these birds nest and hunt mostly near villages. They regularly visit dumps. On the lake of Markakol kites eat mainly fish. Usually they cactch fishes on wave crests during roughness. [Russian].
Key words: Falco subbuteo, Milvus migrans, Altai, behaviour, feeding, hunting, prey.
Address: N.N. Berezovikov, Lab. of ornithology, Inst. of zoology, Akademgorodok, 480060 Almaty, Kazakhstan.