Peculiarities of breeding of the Marsh Warbler in Sumy region in 1999. - N.P. Knysh. - Berkut. 10 (1). 2001. P. 102-104.
Breeding season in 1999 had some weather peculiarities: long colds in May, dry hot weather later, heavy hail on 12.06. A great extent they have affected breeding success of the species. Results of breeding were catastrophic for the local population. From 126 eggs (33 clutches) only 38 (30,2 %) chicks were hatched, 30 (23,8 %) youngs were fledged. It makes 1,15 0,30 hatchlings and 0,91 0,27 fledged youngs per breeding pair. Low parameters of breeding success are explained by considerable mortality of eggs and nestlings from the hail and the Cuckoo (Table). The hail has destroyed 66,7 % nests of the Marsh Warbler known at that day and many clutches and nestlings of other birds. [Russian].
Key words: Marsh Warbler, Acrocephalus palustris, Sumy region, breeding, breeding success, mortality.
Address: N.P. Knysh, Sumy Pedagogical University, Dep. of Zoology, Romenska str. 87, 40002 Sumy, Ukraine.