Black Vulture in the Crimea. - B.A. Appak. - Berkut. 10 (1). 2001. P. 52 -62.
This is one of the rarest breeding bird species in Ukraine. At present it nests only in the Crimea in the Crimean Nature Reserve, but can migrate on the whole peninsula. Number decreases last years. In 1999-2000 only 14 individuals were counted in the Crimea. Only one inhabited nest has remained. Full clutch has always only one egg that is laid in the first half of March. Corpses of home animals are the main food of vultures now (81,0 %). Remains of poultries that are eaten by birds on battery farms (50,6 %) and cadaver of sheep (21,0 %) have the special significance. Poor food supply, capture and shooting are the main causes of number decreasing. [Russian].
Key words: Black Vulture, Aegipius monachus, the Crimea, distribution, number, ecology, breeding, feeding, conservation.
Address: B.A. Appak, Krasnoarmeyskaya str. 5/1, Alushta, the Crimea, 98500 Ukraine.

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