Birds observed during the trip through West Germany, Belgium and England (June 16th 26th, 1987). - D.N. Nankinov. - Berkut. 10 (1). 2001. P. 43-51.
Data were collected during the journey of group of Bulgarian ornithologists. Total 118 bird species were observed. Short information about each species is presented. Synathropization of some species in Bulgaria and England is quite different. A very high degree of synanthropization of some birds was seen in towns. A checklist of birds and mammals killed by the cars on the roads of England is given. [English].
Key words: fauna, birds, West Europe, synatropization, birds and mammals killed by cars.
Address: D.N. Nankinov, Institute of Zoology BAS, Boul. Tzar Osvoboditel 1, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria.