Changes in bird fauna of the Uzh river value (Transcapathians) in the second half of XXth century. - A.E. Lugovoy, L.A. Potish, V.Yu. Kuzma, A.V. Herevich. - Berkut. 10 (1). 2001. P. 26-30.
Since the ornithofaunistic studies by L.A. Portenko (1950) in the western part of Transcapathian region (Ukraine) only half of bird populations have remained more or less stable. 27 species (24,0 %) have disappeared or drastically reduced in numbers, while 23 species (20,5 %) have appeared for the first time or become more numerous. From the point of view of the biodiversity conservation this substitution is not equivalent; especially rare species have disappeared or reduced in numbers, while more common ones have appeared and expanded. Some urgent measures on the recovery and conservation of rare bird species in forests and on banks of the Uzh river basin and in other areas of the region. [Russian].
Key words: the Transcarpathians, the Uzh river, fauna, changes, rare species.
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