Observations of geese migrations in the Sumy part of the Seym river valley. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 234-235.
Data were collected near the village of Mutin (51.24 N, 33.28 E) in 1977-2000. Total 252 flocks of geese were registered. Spring passage is intensive, autumn passage is not expressed. The White-fronted Goose predominates during migration, Bean Goose and Grey-lag Goose are occurred less often. The Lesser White-fronted Goose was recorded only once. Flocks have from 3 to 250 birds, on average 52,0 3,2, CV = 81,8 % (n = 183). [Russian].
Key words: Sumy region, the Seym river, geese, migration, flock.
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