Lesser Kestrel in the Transvolga, Preural, South Ural and Transural areas. - I.V. Karyakin. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 229-230.
Investigations were carried out in Samara, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk regions, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan in 1994-1999. Breeding number in Chelyabinsk region is estimated in 40 pairs, in Bashkortostan - 50, Orenburg region - 50, in Samara region - 5. In Tatarstan the species was not registered. It is possible, that population of the Lesser Kestrel in Volga-Ural region is restored during last 3-4 years. It is connected with the economic dislocation in agriculture. [Russian].
Key words: Lesser Kestrel, Volga, Ural, distribution, number, breeding.
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