To distribution of the Black Stork and the Great Bustard in Mykolayiv region. - K.A. Redinov. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 227-229.
Data were collected in Veselynove and Mycolayiv districts in 1989-1997. Black Stork is a rare migrant, but it can be found also in summer months (non-breeding birds). 2 % of records were in May, 13 % - June, 27 % - July, 47 % - August, 13 % - September. Frequency of records has increased during last years. Records of Great Bustards are described. [Russian].
Key words: Mycolayiv region, Black Stork, Great Bustard, distribution, migration.
Address: K.A. Redinov, the Nature Reserve "Elanetsky Steppe", 55553 Kalynivka, Elanets district, Mykolayiv region, Ukraine.