Materials on nesting and feeding of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker in forest-steppe oak forests of Sumy region. - N.P. Knysh. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 192-194.
Study of ecology of the species was carried out in the forest-steppe part of Sumy region (northeast of Ukraine) 1980th and 1990th. In an old garden on edge of an oak forest three cases of nesting were registered. Hollows with nestlings were situated in d ry trunks and main branches of apple-trees at height of 1,25, 1,78 and 2,35 m. Fledged youngs left nests in the first half of June. 27.05.1989 feeding of fledglings began at 4.32 and was finished at 19.20. Daily rhythm of feeding is diphasic (Fig.). Fledglings have received a food 164 times, on average 11,1 per an hour. Weight of food lumps is 0,41-1,39 g, on average 0,85 +- 0,07 (n = 18). Each of them contained 8-29 little food items, on average 18,+- 1,9. In food of chicks caterpillars of loopers (occurrence 60,5 %) and aphid (28,2 %) predominate. Adult birds sometimes eat berries of the red elder. [Russian].
Key words: Sumy region, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, ecology, nesting, feeding.
Address: N.P. Knysh, Sumy Pedagogical Institute, Romenskaya str. 87, 40002 Sumy, Ukraine.