The cuckoos of the West Siberia and adjoining areas. - N.N. Balatsky, G.N. Bachurin. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 172-182.
- Some problems on biology of Cuckoo and Himalayan Cuckoo by the new data from Western Siberia are discussed. The territory was not entirely examined. A brief information on 19 ecological races of the Cuckoo and 4 ones of the Himalayan Cuckoo is given. Discovery of other races in this area is probably. The dimensions of eggs of the Cuckoo (n = 59): 22,13 -16,41 mm (19,0-24,0 -15,1-17,5); dry mass of the egg shells is 0,242 g (0,195-0,290). The dimensions of eggs of the Himalayan Cuckoo (n = 18): 18,86 -14,10 mm (17,8-20,3 -13,5-14,8); dry mass of the egg shells is 0,111 g (0,10-0,12). [Russian].
Key words: West Siberia, Cuckoo, Himalayan Cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, Cuculus saturatus, nest parasitism, host species, ecological race, egg.
Address: N.N. Balatsky, G.N. Bachurin, Museum of Regional Studies, Privokzalnaya mag. 11, 630004 Novosibirsk, Russia.