Fauna of birds of prey and owls of the Stone Steppe and its historical changes. - V.G. Turchin. - Berkut. 8 (2). 1999. P. 141-146.
The Stone Steppe (Kamennaya Step) is the historical name of a dry steppe area in Voronezh region. It is situated in a boundry of steppe and forest-steppe zones. At present these are meliorated agrocenoses of the Institute by V.V. Dokuchaev (51.01 N, 40.42 E). Study area has 7500 ha. 670 ha. is covered by forest belts with oak and ash. Total 16 species were found (Tables 1, 2). [Russian].
Key words: Voronezh region, birds of prey, owls, fauna, changes.
Address: V.G. Turchin, Nature Reserve"Galichya Gora", 399020, p/o Donskoye, Lipetsk region, Russia.