Lesser Kestrel in Republic Tyva. - I.V. Karyakin. - Berkut. 8 (1). 1999. P. 114-115.
Investigations were carried out 1.06-26.07.1999. The maximal number of the Lesser Kestrel was found in the Ubsunur lowland (727 pairs were counted). The majority of them nested in colonies by 10-30 pairs. Average population density is 47 pairs/100 km2 of total territory. Total number of the Lesser Kestrel in Tyva is estimated in 5000-10000 pairs. First birds arrived 5.06. First full clutch was found 12.06. Clutches had 4-7 eggs, on average 5,3 ones (n = 36). Nestlings were occured since 15.07. Broods had 3-7 nestlings, on average 5,0 (n = 21). Territorial conflicts with Common Kestrels were observed. [Russian].
Key words: Lesser Kestrel, Tyva, distribution, number, breeding, phenology.
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