More about phenomenon of the Collared Dove. - I.A. Krivitsky. - Berkut. 8 (1). 1999. P. 54-56.
Birds originating from captivity sometimes breed in new areas. Such "fugitives" can favour expansion of the species. In Poltava city the Collared Dove was observed at first 21.07.1960. First breeding was registered in 1966. However, there is a photo of a child with a well recognized Collared Dove in family album of an ornithologist. The photo was made in a village in Poltava region in 1930. It is supposed, that this bird can be originated from the zoological garden in Askania-Nova. Collared Doves bred in a heated room. Since 1916 a part of birds was being released in spring. They nested in park and forest belts but with arrival of winter disappeared. [Russian].
Key words: Collared Dove, Poltava region, breeding range, expansion.
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