The main stages of development of the ornithological research in Saratov Region. - E.V. Zavyalov, V.G. Tabachishin, G.V. Shlyakhtin, T.A. Kapranova - Berkut. 7 (1-2). 1998. P. 104-119.
The history of study of birds' fauna in Saratov region of Russia is described. 254 Russian and foreign literature sources are analyzed. The main stages of development of the regional ornithology beginning since the middle of the XVIIIth century is determined. The degree of studying of the taxonomical groupes of birds of the region is revealed, the theme of the main trends of future researches is defined. [Russian].
Key words: Saratov region, fauna, study, history.
Address: G.V. Shlyakhtin, Astrakhanskaya str. 83, Saratov University, 410026 Saratov, Russia.