Distribution and numbers of birds of prey in Transvolga and South Preural areas. - V.P. Belik. - Berkut. 7 (1-2). 1998. P. 32-45.
On materials of the field investigation, which has been carried out in July - August 1997, the fauna, distribution and numbers of birds of prey in borders from Volga, Kama and Belaya up to rivers Great Irgiz and Ural are characterized. 1338 individuals of 23 species are registered here, including the first record of the Black Eagle for Russia. Kestrel (336 individuals), Buzzard (280), Black Kite (210), Imperial Eagle (135), Hobby (66), Marsh Harrier (60), Honey Buzzard (54) and Montagu's Harrier (51 males) were the most numerous. Saker Falcon (1 bird), Osprey (1), Lesser Spotted Eagle (1), Black Eagle (1 young vagrant bird), Lesser Kestrel (2), Steppe Eagle (2), Levant Sparrowhawk (5), Golden Eagle (6) and Pallid Harrier (6 males) were the most rare. On the basis of data of the transect count (3552 km automobile and 55 km of foot routes) and count on points (160 items) the account of the total numbers of birds of prey for the whole Southeast of the European part of Russia (about 200 000 km2) is carried out. Width of the transect changed for different species from 0,2 km (Sparrowhawk) up to 4,0 km (eagles). Adjusted for probable completeness of the account (25-50-75 % for different species) the expert estimation of numbers 14 common species of birds of prey in Southeast of European Russia is given (Table). [Russian].
Key words: birds of prey, Russia, distribution, number, count, rare species.
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