Aesthetics and bird conservation: instead of epilogue. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 6 (1-2). 1997. P. 87-89. The problem raised in the preceding article is discussed. Pure aesthetic concept in protection of nature is already step back. Only speaking of ethical or ethics-aesthetic concept have sense, "bare" aesthetics does not remove us out of frames of established approaches and notions. It only some increases them. All revolves as always around interests of the man, merely material values are changed with spiritual ones. Weak points of the pure aesthetic concept are discussed. 1) Aesthetic value is a relative thing. Aesthetic perception of nature by people is different in various men, folks, cultures, religions, etc. 2) The delight by the beauty of a living being in itself nowhere near does not yet signify the longing to save it. Aesthetics is very important for the bird conservation, but it is secondary with respect to ethics. [Russian].
Key words: bird conservation, aesthetics, ethics, concept.