The Tengmalm's Owl in the Northeast of Ukraine. - V.T. Afanasyev. - Berkut. 6 (1-2). 1997. P. 47-48.
Data were collected in 5 northern districts of Sumy region and in 2 northeastern districts of Chernigiv region in 1969-1997. Total 15 nests of the Teng-malm's Owl were found (Fig.). In the study area this owl nests only in old hollows of the Black Woodpecker. The height of hollow fluctuates from 3 to 14 m, the average height is 8,6 +-± 1,0 m (n = 15). The earliest clutch with 3 eggs was found 5.04.1982, the latest one with 5 eggs - 19.04.1994. The full clutch has 3-5 eggs, on average 4,3 (n = 7). Broods left their nests are observed in early June. The main negative factors are hard cold winters and the predation of martens. [Russian].
Key words: Tengmalm's Owl, Aegolius funereus, Northeast Ukraine, distribution, breeding, nest, egg.