Dotterel in Bulgaria and routes of its migration in Bulgaria. - D.N. Nankinov. - Berkut. 5 (2). 1996. P. 141-146.
The territory of Bulgaria is situated between the breeding and wintering ranges of the species. Dotterel visits Bulgaria during migrations. Records of the Dotterel are located in the west part of Bulgaria (mostly in the plain of Sofia) and along the Black Sea coast. In the plain of Sofia it stops most frequently on pastures. Most (84,62 %) of birds recorded in Bulgaria migrate in autumn, between 28.08 and 30.10. The main passage goes during September and October. Two well distinguished migration routes of the Dotterel pass through the territory of Bulgaria: through West Bulgaria and along the Black Sea coast. The spring migration goes in April. Passing flocks are not big and do not exceed 6 birds. It seems that the flyway from Ukraine to the seashore of Romania and Bulgaria, described by J. Sterbertz (1966), have to be separated into two independent routes. The first one is less revealed along the west Black Sea coast, which dotterels most probably leads away to North Egypt. The second one pass over north Black Sea and peninsula of Crimea. North coast of the Black Sea, the Crimea and the North Priazovie are the places, where during the winter numerous flocks of dotterels concentrate, before they get over the Black Sea at its most narrow part, in their way to Asiatic Turkey and further to wintering places in Sinai peninsula and Persian Gulf. [English].
Key words: Dotterel, Charadrius morinellus, Bulgaria, migration, phenology, flyway.