Fieldfare in west regions of Ukraine. - V.S. Talposh. - Berkut. 5 (2). 1996. P. 152-157.
Fieldfare is a new breeding species for West Ukraine. In the first half of XIX cent. the south border of its breeding range went in Byelorussia. History of the expansion of the Fieldfare is described. It is a common species now, in the cultural landscape even numerous. Spring passage goes in March, sometimes it continues to April. Fieldfares nest mainly in colonies from 2-3 to several dozens of pairs. Breeding ecology is described. Egg laying starts in April. First eggs had been found till 21.06. The full clutch contains 2-7 eggs, on average 5,18+0,08 eggs (n = 119). Hatchlings appear from 24.04 till 7.07. Fledglings leave nests from 8.05 till 20.07. Earthworms are the main food of nestlings. Parents bring also beetles and their larvae, caterpillars, sometimes slugs and shells. Death rate of eggs and nestlings is 35-40 %. [Russian].
Key words: Fieldfare, Turdus pilaris, West Ukraine, distribution, numbers, habitat, ecology, breeding, nest, egg, migration, feeding.