The Little Egret in the north-west part of the Prut-Dniester interfluve and in adjoining areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - B.I. Godovanets, I.V. Skilsky, V.V. Buchko, I.S. Shkolny, L.V. Kuchinik. - Berkut. 5 (1). 1996. P. 26-30.
Data about distribution, habitats, migrations, breeding and feeding of the Little Egret in 1955-1995 are generalized. Birds were found in 31 places (Table and Fig. 1). In 3 places (9,7 %) breeding was proved. Vagrant birds were observed mainly on the Dniester (55,4 %, n = 121 individuals) and the Prut (29,8 %). Breeding colonies were placed in forests (2 cases) and in a forest belt (1). In the colony near the village of Klivodyn little egrets arrived in 1991 no later than the middle of April. Vagrant birds were observed in 3/4 cases in August and September. The latest record in autumn is 21.10. Breeding colonies and nests are described in detail. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Chernivtsi region, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Little Egret, distribution, habitat, migration, breeding, feeding.