Seasonal peculiarities of the bird population of railway forest belts in Sambir district of Lviv region. - A.I. Guzy. - Berkut. 5 (1). 1996. P. 21-23.
Data were collected in 1987-1988. The bird populations of railway forest belts and continuous forests are compared. The population density of birds in forest belts is more than in near placed mature oak groves. This has several main causes: 1) the composite structure and mosaic of the plantation in forest belts; 2) the high species diversity of trees and shrubs; 3) forest belts border on agricultural areas; 4) the adaptation of some bird species to the conditions of the anthropogenic landscape. The number of species and the population density of forest-steppe and synanthropic birds are more in forest belts. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Lviv region, bird population, population density, forest belt.