Ornithological situation on the Uzhgorod aerodrome. - A.E. Lugovoy. - Berkut. 4. (1-2). 1995. P. 76-84.
Researches were carried out since July 1993 till June 1994. On the aerodrome 68 bird species were found. Only 11 from them are recorded with frequency more than 100 individuals in 1 hour of count. The occurence of birds varies very much in months (Fig. 2). June's increase of numbers is connected with haymaking on the flying field, autumnal one - with migrations. During migrations the aerodrome is used by birds mainly as the rest place. The main migration streams pass by it (Fig. 4). During the day the occurrence of birds is the greatest in the afternoon (Fig. 3). Occurrence dynamics of different bird groups is presented on the figure 5. [Russian].
Key words: Uzhgorod, aerodrome, collision, occurrence, migration.