Strategic aspects of the preservation of vulnerable animal species. - V.P. Belik. - Berkut. 4 (1-2). 1995. P. 69-75.
Strategy of the preservation of vulnerable animals bases mainly on quantitative criteria now. They determine priorities and corresponding tactics. The casual approach, when the choice of preservation tactics is coordinating with causes of the degradation of animals, is not less important. The main causes of the degradation are the immediate eliminating anthropogenic influence (hunting, collisions with transport, etc.), indirect limiting one (transformation of landscapes) and the influence of spontaneous biogeozenotic factors (interspecific competition, climatic changes, etc.) today. Corresponding to them it is proposed the following principle of the choice of tactic methods of the vulnerable species protection. 1) Simple directive and technical decisions (legislative protection, conservation management) by the direct anthropogenic influence. 2) The optimization of territorial relations between the man and animals (creating reserves, changes of the time and technologies of works that transform the environment, improving of habitats by the use of the wildlife management) by the indirect influence. 3) Captive management and introduction in new suitable regions by the biogeozenotic influence. [Russian].
Key words: preservation, strategy, tactics, vulnerable animals, criteria of the choice, wildlife management.