Dynamics of some bird species migration in the valley of the Uzh river (East Carpathians) in autumn 1993. - L.A. Potish. - Berkut. 4 (1-2). 1995. P. 62-66.
Unsystematic studies of the bird migration across the East Carpathians cause different views as to using river valleys by birds for overcoming mountain systems. For observations the valley of the Uzh river, which originates on the mountain pass 889 m a. s. l. and flows in the western part of Transcarpathian region, had been chosen. So there are good reasons to think that the birds use the valley to cross the Carpathian ridges. The Uzh river runs in two general directions: from North-east to West or from North to South that coincides with the main direction and promotes for using the valley as a landmark. According to the studies of Slovakian ornithologists 2/3 of the total number of cranes overcome the Carpathian mountains using the Uzh river valley. Observations by the weather radar in East Hungary confirm that Transcarpathian flyway really exists. [Russian].
Key words: Carpathians, migration, autumn, number, dynamics.