Nest placing of the Magpie in Lviv. - A.O. Passichnyk. - Berkut. 4 (1-2). 1995. P. 47-49.
The investigation has been carried out during the autumn-winter period 1990-1991. Total 867 nests were found. This number is not adequate to the number of breeding pairs, because the nests were found during non-breeding period. The Magpie nests on all the territory of Lviv but population density is not even. It decreases with increasing of the building density and age of green plantations. The majority of nests are placed in parks and on the territory of the cottage building. The height of nest placing fluctuates from 1.5 to 28-29 m, on an average it makes 13.3+-0.5 m. 73.7 % of nests were built at the height of more than 10 m. It decreases from cottages to multistory buildings streets and ways. The preferring trees for building of nests are the poplar, the maple, fruit trees. A lot of nests were found in hornbeams, birches, nut-trees, oaks, etc. The overwhelming majority of nests had anthropogenic materials, first of all the wire. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Magpie, Lviv, distribution, nesting, nest, nest placing.