Birds of pure beech and hornbeam-beech old forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - A.I. Guzy. - Berkut. 4 (1-2). 1995. P. 18-24.
Data were collected in the Carpathian Nature Reserve in 1984-1988. Birds were counted according to the method of A.P. Kuzyakin (1962). Birds with the population density more than 1 ind./km2 are included in the community, other are only in the ornithofauna. Birds were counted during the breeding period, in the autumn and in the winter on 3 different levels: 430-500, 850-900, 1100-1200 m above sea-level. Data are presented in the Tables. Changes of the bird fauna and communities with the increase of the altitude are discussed. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Carpathians, fauna, community, population density, structure, altitude.