History of the Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Spotted Eagle determination in the State Natural History Museum in Lviv. - A.A. Bokotey, N.Yu. Sokolov. - Berkut. 3 (2). 1994. P. 145-147.
The museum has 34 stuffed Spotted Eagles captured in different places of the Galicia in 1851-1895. The founder of the museum W. Dzieduszycki had distinguished both species, but later all they were entered erroneously as the Spotted Eagles. F. Strautman (1963) has determined all the stuffed birds as the Lesser Spotted Eagles. The new investigations have shown that the collection has 20 stuffed Lesser Spotted Eagles and 14 stuffed Spotted Eagles. Measurements are given in the Table. There are 2 males captured during the breeding period and 2 nestlings. It is the evidence that the Spotted Eagle was a breeding bird in the present Lviv region in XIX century. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Lesser Spotted Eagle, Spotted Eagle, determination, fauna.