Distribution and nesting biology of terns on the Upper Dniester. - I.V. Kogut, N.Yu- Sokolov, A.A. Bototey. -Berkut. 3 (2). 1994. P. 103-107.
Data were collected in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions in 1992-1994. Total the part of the Dniester in 135 km was investigated, 85 from them were explored all 3 years: Terns were counted in the last ten-day of May and the first ten-day of June. 5 tern species were registered. The most numerous species is the Common Tern. Total 7 nesting sites were discovered. The biggest colony had 73 nests. Nest placing and materials, egg colour, breeding phenology are described. 16 nests of the Little Tern were found. The advancement of this species up-stream is observed. The Whiskered Tern is met permanent during the breeding period but it is a rare nesting bird. Only 2 nests were found. The Black Tern's nests not found on the Upper Dniester but it is an usually bird in the breeding period. The White-winged Black Tern is only accidental vagrant species. It was observed only once. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Upper Dniester, tern, distribution, number, ecology, nest, egg