To the distribution and ecology of the Purple Heron in Chernivtsi region. - B.I. Godovanets, O.M. Vassin, O.M. Klitin, I.V. Skilsky. - Berkut. 3 (2). 1994. P. 100-102.
The species is found in 14 points of the country between the Prut and the Dniester. Its number was newer high. In 1980-1990 mainly 1-3 birds were observed on a fish pond. In the Dranytsya ornithological reserve it is possible the nesting of 6-8 pairs. In 1986 arid 1992 7 nests were found here. Their measurements are given. The average height of nest placing is 1.040.24 m. The first eggs appear in the third ten-day of April (14.3 % of cases) and the first ten-day of May (85.7 %). The full clutch has mainly 4-6 eggs but in 2 nests 7 and 9 eggs were found. The departure takes place from the third ten-day of September to the middle of October. In feeding (2 stomachs) the animal food prevails. Mainly these are water beetles and small fishes. Conditions for the Purple Heron are good in the study area. Total 30-40 pairs nested here in 1990-1994. There is not the tendency to the number decreasing. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Purple Heron, Chernivtsi region, distribution, number, ecology, nest, egg, feeding.