The Andalusian Hemipode in the South Primorye of Russia. - N.N. Balatsky, G.N. Bachurin, Y.B. Shibnev - Berkut. 3 (2). 1994. P. 112-116.
Studies were carried out in the Khassan district in 1990-1993. 8 nests were found (Table). The range size of a pair is about 0,25 ha. Egg laying begins in June and later. The clutch has as a rule 4 eggs. The intraspecific nest parasitism had been absent. Nesting places, breeding times, the arrangement of nests, the colour of eggs are described. Two morphs in the egg colour were discovered: dark and light. The variability of eggs in a clutch is observed. Dimensions of eggs (n= 32) are: 24,4-27,3 x 20,3-22,0, on average 26,15 x 21,29 mm. Dry mass of the egg shell (n= 24) is 0,376 g (0,29-0,47). The Andalusian Hemipode is phylogenetic near to waders. [Russian].
Key words: Far East, Andalusian Hemipode, ecology, nest, egg, breeding behaviour, phylogeny.