Structure and age successions of ornithocenosises in hornbeam-beech and pure beech forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - A.I. Guzy. - Berkut. 3 (2). 1994. P. 79-88.
Data were collected in Transcarpathians region of Ukraine. Birds were counted according to the method of A.P. Kuzyakin (1962). Birds with the population density more than 1 ind/km2 are included in the community, other are only in the ornithofauna. Bird communities and faunas of 5 age categories of forests for different seasons are presented in tables 1-15. Total ornithofauna of hornbeam-beech and beech forests includes 80 species. During the breeding period and in autumn the population density of birds decreases from unclose forest cultures to young forests and increases to old forests. In winter it increases continuous with the age of forests. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Carpathians, fauna, community, population density, succession.