Number decreasing causes and conservation of the Black Stork in the north of Zhitomir region. - S.M. Zhila. - Berkut. 3 (1). 1994. - P. 52-53.
Black Stork is a common bird species in the wild forests. Draining of the small plots with the nature ecosystems preservation in the neighbourhoods has not negative results. The melioration on the big territories, river stream straightening, destruction of forests, grasslands and bushes near the waterbodies lead to the sharp number decreasing. A cause of this is also the negative changes in the structure and species composition of forests. The influence of the human disturbance is discussed. In the north of the Zhitomir Region the Black Stork nests willingly on the artificial hive-logs. The main death cause of nestlings is throwing out of the nest by the adult birds. According to the observations the most effective feeding places during the migration are the fish ponds. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Black Stork, Ciconia nigra, Zhitomir region, number dynamics, conservation.