Quantitative counts of bird population: a methodological review. - Yu.I. Vergeles. - Berkut. 3 (1). 1994. - P. 43-48.
On the basis of the study of vast literature sources and author's own researches, review of modern bird count techniques is presented. Consecutively methodological and technical questions of the using of techniques are considered. Counts on the sample plots, line transect methods and point counts (I.P.A.) with their values and lacks are characterized. The line transect method without limitation of the count-stripe breadth with registrations of all observed individuals of birds and radial distances from counter to each bird or group is considered in detail. This method is known as D. Hayne - Yu. Ravkin one. It allows to carry out the censuses of different bird species in the different types of habitats during all seasons. Formulas for population density calculation are given. [Russian].
Key words: bird community, population density, count, method.